We offer 12 flavors each week. The Exceptional Eight are always available, plus two featured flavors of the month and two weekly specials.  The Exceptional Eight are a variety of favorites that include Death by Chocolate, Pumpkin, Unicorn, Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Celebration, Peanut Butter Cup, Oreo, Red Velvet

 For the rotating features, we pull from our signature flavors, seasonal specialties, or any creation that we're feeling especially sweet about that week.

Meet The Cupcakes

Exceptional Eight

cupcakedeath2.jpgDeath by Chocolate

Our rich Callebaut chocolate cupcake is covered with our mousse like Callebaut chocolate frosting, then drizzled with our amazing chocolate ganache. One bite of this one and you will think you have died and gone to heaven.

Birthday Celebration   Birthday Celebration- This is our traditional vanilla cupcake made with the best Madagascar vanilla and then topped with or amazing fluffy vanilla bean frosting. We top it with sprinkles or other fun things so it is ready to celebrate any occasion or holiday.  

IMG_5776.JPG  Peanut Butter Cup- This is our chocolate cupcake frosted with a creamy peanut butter buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache. Finished off with a peanut butter chocolate ganache and a peanut butter cup. 


IMG_6292.JPG Unicorn

This is a funfetti cupcake frosted with cotton candy buttercream, rolled in rainbow sugar crystals. Topped with a swirl of vanilla colored buttercream, a unicorn horn and sparkle. 

 IMG_4785.JPG Strawberry Shortcake- This is a vanilla cupcake filled with our strawberry compote, frosted with our strawberry buttercream and topped with white chocolate curls. This will sure make you think summer.


Pumpkin Spice 

Pumpkin season has arrived! This is an amazing fluffy pumpkin spice cupcake frosted with a maple cinnamon cream cheese buttercream. 


IMG_5131.JPG Oreo- Our delicious rich Callebaut chocolate cupcake topped with our Madagascar vanilla Oreo buttercream topped with oreo crumbs. 


cupcakeredvelvet2.jpgSouthern Belle

Our take on the classic red velvet cupcake. It was approved by Florian himself when we were on Cupcake Wars. It is the perfect red brown color. We add buttermilk and a hint of cocoa powder and finish with our delightful light fluffy cream cheese frosting. This one is a crowd pleaser.

Highlighted Monthly
Flavors for September

IMG_8415.JPG  Cookie Monster- Cookie Monster’s favorite cupcake! This is a fluffy vanilla cupcake with oreo chunks baked right in. Then we core and fill with chocolate chip cookie dough and frosted with oreo buttercream and cookie dough buttercream topped with an oreo and mini chocolate chips.

 IMG_8416.JPGThe Classic- Upgrading your childhood favorite! This is a rich chocolate cake cored and filled with our marshmallow filling. This classic is then frosted with our vanilla bean buttercream and dipped in chocolate ganache.

Highlighted Flavors
for the week

Pink Moscato- This cake has pink moscato in both the cake and the buttercream. Experience the sweet refreshing layers of raspberry and pomegranate from this California wine in cupcake form!

Rocky Road- This is a rich chocolate cupcake cored and filled with a fluffy chocolate marshmallow mousse. Topped off with a creamy chocolate buttercream and garnished with peanuts, marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate ganache.

The Diva Sampler is our most popular, fan-favorite assortment, with your choice of 6 cupcakes from the current menu. Offered at a special, family-friendly price of only $17.50 - that's like getting one for free! For an even better deal, grab our Diva Dozen for only $33.00.
It's like getting TWO CUPCAKES FOR FREE!

Baby Cake Diva Samplers feature mini versions of our standard cupcake. They come 12 to a box, with a mix of 6 flavors from our current menu. Our bakers choose the flavors. At only $16, they offer a taste of all the Twisted goodness.
Twisted Sisters Cupcakes bakes with nuts, wheat and dairy.
Although we make it very hard to resist temptation, we urge those with allergies not to consume our cupcakes.



Each week, we'll post our Route Schedule on our Facebook Page (in the NOTES section) Remember, we do our best to make everyone happy and the timeline is a ROUGH estimate. Our cupcakes last as long as our customer's appetites (we can't bake more on the truck) - so if you have a preference, find us at one of our early stops or place your order in advance!

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