We offer 12 flavors each week. The Exceptional Eight are always available, plus two featured flavors of the month and two weekly specials.  The Exceptional Eight are a variety of favorites that include Death by Chocolate, Oreo Cupcake, The Wedding Planner, Cookie Dough, Birthday Celebration, Peanut Butter Cup, Crème Brule, Red Velvet


For the rotating features, we pull from our signature flavors, seasonal specialties, or any creation that we're feeling especially sweet about that week.





Meet The Cupcakes

The Exceptional Eight!

Death by Chocolate - chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream

Birthday Celebration - Classic vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean buttercream

Crème Brule-vanilla cupcake with Bavarian cream and caramelized sugar  

The Wedding Planner - almond cupcake with almond buttercream with decorative white chocolate curls

Oreo - chocolate cupcake with rich Oreo buttercream frosting, rolled in Oreo crumbs

Cookie Dough - Chocolate chip cupcake cored with cookie dough inside.

Peanut Butter Cup  - chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting dipped in a chocolate ganache

 Southern Belle-  our version of Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Highlighted Monthly Flavors for October


Triple Chocolate-Can’t get enough chocolate in your life?  Lets try a chocolate cupcake.  We fill it with chocolate mousse, dip it in chocolate ganache and top it with chocolate curls… we have your attention?

Pumpkin Cheesecake—This is our classic pumpkin cupcake with a gingersnap cookie crust.  We then bake in the pumpkin cheesecake with a cream cheese frosting.  This one is to die for!!!


Highlighted Flavors for the week


Big Daddy—This fan favorite is a blueberry pancake cupcake.  We frost it with a maple frosting , a touch of cinnamon and candied bacon

Tres Leche–This is an incredible three milk cupcake topped with dulce de leche frosting. 






The Diva Sampler is our most popular, fan-favorite assortment, with your choice of 6 cupcakes from the current menu. Offered at a special, family-friendly price of only $17.50 - that's like getting one for free! For an even better deal, grab our Diva Dozen for only $33.00. It's like getting TWO CUPCAKES FOR FREE!


Baby Cake Diva Samplers feature mini versions of our standard cupcake. They come 12 to a box, with a mix of flavors from our current menu. At only $16, they offer a taste of all the Twisted goodness.

Twisted Sisters Cupcakes bakes with nuts, wheat and dairy.
Although we make it very hard to resist temptation, we urge those with allergies not to consume our cupcakes.



Each week, we'll post our Route Schedule on our Facebook Page (in the NOTES section) Remember, we do our best to make everyone happy and the timeline is a ROUGH estimate. Our cupcakes last as long as our customer's appetites (we can't bake more on the truck) - so if you have a preference, find us at one of our early stops or place your order in advance!

Tuesday 10/18



Wednesday 10/19

11-1 PARISER Dermatology

6160 Kempsville Cir in Norfolk

1:45-3:45 Harborview Kohls in Suffolk

4:15-6 ABNB Providence Rd Fairfield Shopping Center in VB.



Thursday 10/20

11-2 Atlantic Bay Mortgage 600 Lynnhaven Pkway in VB

2:30-3:15 Baypoint Medical 1148 First Colonial Road in Virginia Beach

4:30-5:30 Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners

364 S independence Blvd in VB




Friday 10/21

11-2 USAA

520 Independence Parkway in Chesapeake

2:30-3:30 Avalon Bay

2901 Sabre Street in VB

4-6:30 Xenith Bank

239 Battlefield Blvd S Great Bridge Shopping Center



Sat 10/22

12-5 Virginia Bacon Festival

Portsmouth Pavilion



Sunday 10/23

12-3 NOB Navy Exchange